Murder Charges Filed with Third Anniversary Near of Waco Shooting

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Latest on the Twin Peaks Biker Shooting includes murder charges on three defendants.

Updates on the Waco Biker Shooting

Round 2 has begun, or 3, or 4, it’s hard to keep track these days.

Almost three years ago, nine bikers were killed, 18 injured, and 177 arrested. So what has happened since that bloody massacre?

Corruption allegations against Abel Reyna and has staff continues to loom, including a possible FBI investigation. Reyna lost his re-election campaign, and even used the photos of the slain bikers as a campaign ad. And now, one hundred fifty odd cases have been dismissed and twenty-four new cases have resulted in new indictments being issued. And the dismissals are likely cases where Reyna expects former prosecutors to testify against him. And yet, here we are 3 years later and no one has been convicted of any crimes.

Murder Charges Filed

Jeff Battey, Glenn Walker and Ray Allen, members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club have murder charges filed against them (shown above).

Walker is charged with murdering Richard Kirschner (Cossacks, M.C.), who was shot three times, twice by SWAT team member Michael Bucher.

Jeff Battey, a former Marine, is the sergeant-at-arms, while Ray Allen is the president of the Denton, Texas chapter. They are accused of fatally of killing Matthew Smith (Cossacks, M.C.).

Matthew Clendennen

A special prosecutor appointed to Clendennen’s case is seeking to dismiss all charges.  Special prosecutor Brian M. Roberts filed the motion and “with prejudice,” which means it cannot be refiled in the future.

Reyna’s Office

District Attorney Abel Reyna’s trial lawyers are out the door. I can’t say I blame them.

Michael Jarrett and Brody Burks, who tried Jacob Carrizal’s case, announced their resignation.

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