Worst Road Rage with Motorcycle

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Not to far from where I live.

Updated 7/17/17

In the latest example of road rage, this time in my own hometown, a chase ensued between a motorcyclist and a car driver. I’ve heard different set of facts, but either the motorcyclist was splitting lanes which upset the driver, or the driver cut-off the motorcyclist which led to the argument.

Sadly enough, road rage exists. I hope it is dealt with appropriately. For all of us that ride, we have experienced road rage from cagers at some point.

Be safe.

MC Atty


The motorcycle did remove the YouTubevideo, however, click the photo above which will take you to the video link of the news network that still has it.

Also, in researching the court records, it seems the driver, Kristiian Rosa, plead to Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, a felony, as well as reckless driving which is a misdemeanor. He received two years of probation.

Also, if the same person since the date of birth matches, in the past he has been charged with other crimes.

  • 9/2004 Loitering
  • 12/2005 Marijuana Possession
  • 7/2012 Marijuana Possession
  • 11/13 Aggravated Assault
  • 12/13 Battery
  • 12/15 Battery
  • I was not able to find any court records on the motorcycle rider. He was arrested with according to news reports for reckless driving.


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