Motorcycle versus Dog (Accident Video)

motorcycle accident

In a video that is going viral, a group of motorcyclists are enjoying their ride until a dog runs out in front of them. Luckily, everyone was alright including the second biker that in a middle of a roll was able to get up on his feet temporarily and jump to the side to avoid the truck coming in the opposite lane.


What this video shows clearly is that one second could change your life whether on a motorcycle or in a car. No one did anything wrong in this video. As a matter of fact, the biker that recorded the video, you can hear that he let go of the throttle because he saw the dog.

This could have happened to anyone. But there is a lesson to be learned; if one second could change your life when you are actually paying attention, then imagine when you are not paying attention. Imagine if the bikers were playing with their phones, talking selfies, not looking straight ahead. Imagine the results now.


Always pay attention to what you are doing. Treat riding a motorcycle or driving a car like you are handling a loaded gun. Pay attention to the task at hand. I’m an attorney. Imagine you are in my office consulting with me, and while doing so, I keep picking up my phone and texting. Besides being offended, I’m sure one of your thoughts will be that I am not paying any attention to you.

Now imagine the same situation but texting and driving or riding your bike and not paying attention to the road. Remember, the stat that scares everyone is that you are basically traveling at 1 1/2 times your speed in feet per second.

For example, at 60 mph, you would add 60 plus half of 60, which is 30. That means you are driving 90 feet in one second. After three seconds, you have traveled 270 feet. Let that sink in. You just traveled 270 feet without looking at the road. On a highway, you cannot see 270 feet ahead of you because of the cars in front of you.

A friend of mine riding to Daytona Bike Week earlier this year, didn’t see a ladder in his lane on I-95. He had no choice but to throttle out and run over the ladder. He was a motorman, so his skills are exceptional and nothing happened other than his heart rate increased. He was lucky and his skills had a lot to do with it. But just imagine if you aren’t paying attention for three seconds. 1. 2. 3. Count it out loud, and now you look and see a ladder in front of you and you are traveling 60 mph!

Be safe out there and to the motorcyclists in this video, many blessings to you guys. Hope we meet on the road one day.

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