Motorcycle Romance

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To the untrained eye, bikers are a weird bunch. We give our bikes names. When we check in at a hotel, we ask for a room on the first floor to be closer to our bikes and when we wake up, the first thing we do is look out the window. That doesn’t include waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. That is an obligatory bike check per the Biker Handbook.

We are weary of who works on our bikes, sometimes standing near the work area of the shop supervising the mechanic even though we may not be mechanically inclined. We even have more pictures of our bikes than ourselves. There is no doubt that we have a romance with our bikes. But what about the romance that a motorcycle creates between two people?


Like most people, Anny and myself enjoy a good meal with a glass of wine. Recently, we had dinner at the California Grill located inside the Contemporary Hotel in Orlando, Florida. The food was perfect.

Dinner consisted of coffee rubbed pork served on a flat-bread as an appetizer and our entrees were seared rare ahi tuna and bison strip loin, a bottle of red wine, and chocolate pudding cake. Our backdrop was the fireworks lighting up the sky over Cinderella’s Castle. But while most people think romance only exists with fine dining and red wine, bikers know better.


We see and feel romance in the simplest of places. Seeking cover from a storm in an abandoned motel in Jesup, Georgia is romantic. You help each other dry off and kiss the rain from each others’ lips. You chase down a sunset in the Everglades. Maybe it is a short ride to your “secret location” which is in the middle of nowhere. The full moon from above creates a silhouette as we…. (what happens at the secret location stays at the secret location).

Maybe it’s riding through Aviles Street, the oldest street in the United States, an instant journey back in time. The click clack of the horses hooves on the cobblestone streets having been replaced by the 1800 cc’s of your steel horse.

Maybe your significant other wraps her arms and legs around you as you are riding through a National Forest. Maybe she feeds you a snack or hands you a bottle of water without even asking if you are thirsty as you ride through a small town. Maybe over the quiet hum of your bike in 5th gear she leans over and whispers “I love you.”


Now, there is no denying motorcycle riding has also destroyed a few relationships, but we will leave that for our next therapy session. I forgot; you never see a motorcycle parked outside a therapist’s office.

We have all experienced moments like this at one time or another. Romance isn’t only expensive restaurants and ordering wines you cannot pronounce. Romance is sharing a moment together, focusing on the moment and each other; and if you happen to be sharing that moment on a motorcycle, then even better. Create moments. Create memories, and for extra credit– make love on your motorcycle.

M.C. Atty

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