Motorcycle Riding When Angry

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Head on collision with the motorcycle and the suv

How effective are you at doing anything when angry? At times, it is hard to control your anger. However, when you fail to do so, you cannot be rational and give thoughts to your actions when you have lost control emotionally. To put it simply, do you want your doctor to perform surgery on you when he/she is angry?

The issues with road rage is a problem for everyone. Whether you ride on two wheels or four, but, how do you handle it?

I admit, I have not always had the patience of a Buddhist monk when riding, and luckily, it has been a long time since the last time, but next time, I hope I handle it properly.

I have said an endless amount of times before that having a Go Pro camera does work. Below is a video of a cyclist and the “punishment pass.” The driver has been caught.

click the photo to be taken to the video link


As such, I have written several blogs on road rage, anger and motorcycle riding. One time, I even attended a ride for a motorcyclist that died while riding because of anger and lack of emotional control. From what I was told, his girlfriend was at a club, so on the way home from riding, he went to the club. That resulted in an argument, causing her to leave the club and he chased her. The rider took a turn to fast on his motorcycle, lost control, and died at the scene.

In the video below, taken in the UK, a motorcyclist is passed by a van in his own lane. Yes, I’ve had that happen to me as well. The results, he chased the van and almost killed himself.

Click the photo to be taken to video link of the motorcycle accident.

Below is a road rage video that occurred in Miami. The motorcycle rider has since removed the viral video from YouTube. This was a high speed chase through the city streets. However, click the blog below and it will take you to the video link that remains with the news network that reported the story.

Worst Road Rage with Motorcycle

Below is my blog on no longer getting angry and chasing down vehicles. I will let the Go Pro handle it and hand over the video evidence to law enforcement.

Road Rage- “I’m No Longer Angry!”


Below is the blog to the recent Santa Clarita road rage video between a motorcycle rider and car. The driver of the vehicle loses control when trying to swerve into the biker.


California Motorcycle Road Rage Video

And then there is this comedian. Good way to have your car vandalized or worse. I will never understand why some people just look for trouble.

Be safe. Try to think clearly. That applies to everyone sharing the road.

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