Motorcycle Ride Through Penney Farms, Florida


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The 100 year old Clay Theatre is currently closed.

What better way to start a motorcycle ride than by listening to “Start Me Up” by the Rolling Stones. Here are some photos and history of a quick motorcycle ride the other day through Clay County, Florida.



J.C. Penney, the founder of the department store, is also the founder of Penney Farms. Penney’s idea was to build a retirement community for retired ministers. As of the 2000 census, 580 people reside in the community.


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Riding through the J.C. Penney Memorial Blvd. was a nice easy ride with tree lined streets.


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Here is a pic that I snapped on the Memorial Blvd. as shown above. I was heading towards Green Cove Springs where the Clay Theatre is located.


On the way back from Palatka, I came across the old Clay County Courthouse which not only had a Memorial for War Veterans, but this train car parked in on the side.

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Not a long day of riding, but I knew the infamous afternoon storms of Florida was coming my way. As you can see, I did get wet, especially near Penney Farms.

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97.6 miles is 97 times better than zero miles. A little rain never hurt anyone. I was close enough to home that I didn’t even bother putting on rain gear but I was drenched. Since the weather was warm, it was actually refreshing.


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