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Of all the memories you have of riding, which is your favorite memory? Was it one from years ago or your last ride? Not an easy question to answer by any means, is it?

I’ve been to all the bike weeks in Florida multiple times and have visited the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally twice, and while both times visiting South Dakota was cool, it’s still not my favorite motorcycle memory. Sure, riding through Spearfish Canyon, visiting Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore, and seeing bison up close was an amazing experience, but there are so many other memories thanks to motorcycle riding.

Last year, I rode through 18 states in 25 days, even wrote a book about it. Those are memories I still look back on with a smile, but for me, my favorite memory was riding to Savannah, Georgia with Anny.

It was a spur of the moment ride, like so many I have shared with her, but there was something special about it. I can’t put my finger on it, but, I just know it was my favorite.

Our first day we rode halfway and ended up in Mount Dora, a cute, quaint town in central Florida. The heat was brutal since it was August, but we didn’t care. The second day, fighting an intense storm, we arrived in Savannah, soaking wet but our spirits up. We spent two nights in Savannah enjoying the history and on the third day, we headed south for St. Augustine to spend a night at our favorite bed and breakfast.

It’s been a while since we have gone away on the motorcycle for a few nights just the two of us, but the idea has been dominating my thoughts lately. I’m sure next year, come February when it is our birthdays, I will have another story to tell.

Let me know your best memory.

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