Motorcycle Flies Off Cliff in Santa Monica California

Yamaha MT-10, california motorcycle accident attorney
Rounding the curve on the Yamaha MT 10

Matthew Murray was taking his Yamaha MT-10 motorcycle for a ride through the beautiful roads of the Santa Monica mountains, but upon reaching one turn, Murray claims the steering locked up, causing him to lose control of his motorcycle and ride off the cliff and crash two hundred fifty feet below.

Lying on the ground helpless, not visible to passing vehicles, Murray had to crawl his way up the cliff when he was unable to find his cell phone. He was able to flag down a motorist who called 911.

Murry had multiple broken bones as a result of the motorcycle accident which includes a broken back, collarbone, hip, pelvis, sternum, sacrum, and two punctured lungs.

You can see in the YouTube video that Murray posted and recorded on his Go Pro Camera, that it takes more than a minute for him to respond by calling out for help.

Murray has been riding motorcycles for six years and in the video below, he states: “I love taking corners … but this corner wasn’t even sharp, and I was only doing like forty miles an hour and I went to lean into this turn and this bike would not let lean.”


However, by looking at the video, he passes the electrical post at approximately sixty-eight miles per hour and hits the beginning of the curve anywhere from fifty-six to sixty miles per hour. Even if he hit the curve at forty miles per hour like he claims, the speed limit sign read “twenty-five miles per hour.” So, even then, per his own words, he was traveling fifteen miles over the speed limit. Per the video, it seems he may have been riding as much as double the speed limit.


At fifty-one miles per hour, the motorcycle has slid over to the right side of the lane and is riding off the road at approximately forty-six miles per hour, still way over the speed limit.
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Riding the Santa Monica Mountains
Now, if the steering wheel locked up, there will undoubtedly be a lawsuit. I did not find any issues with his particular model of motorcycle, but anyone that rides a Yamaha MT-10 or sport bike, I welcome your comments and experiences.


It should also be noted that if there is a lawsuit, any motorcycle accident attorney will have to get past the speeding issue which Yamaha will undoubtedly focus on.


Be safe.


MC Atty


 If the YouTube motorcycle video gets removed, just click the photo below.
motorcycle accident attorney
Wishing Matthew Murray a speed recovery from his motorcycle accident.
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