Motorcycle Crash While Riding 118 mph

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Nicholas Pannell and Joshua Illingworth were racing against one another at speeds up to one hundred eighteen miles per hour (118 mph). At one point, Pannell was traveling at more than ninety miles per hour (90 mph) in a thirty mile an hour zone (30 mph).

Pannell rounding a curve, hit a hedge then went flying across an empty patch of land, resulting in multiple fractured ribs and collarbone. One police officer described it as  one of the worst cases of dangerous driving he had ever investigated. Police even testified that so many infractions occurred, that they stopped writing them all down.

The motorcycle accident was recorded with Pannell’s Go Pro camera. As a result, both pled guilty to dangerous driving. Pannel and Illingworth were sentenced to eight months in jail, their driver’s license revoked along with a twelve month suspension, and required to complete one hundred eighty hours of community service, per the ruling of the Plymouth Crown Court.

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