On the Fifth Day of Christmas

leather motorcycle jacket, leather riding gloves

“On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me.”

As we continue with the Christmas gift ideas for bikers, I have to add in there motorcycle riding gloves.

I consider gloves as important as anything else when it comes to motorcycle riding gear. Again, I think it not only makes you look cool, but it’s an important safety feature. If God forbid you fall off the motorcycle, the gloves will protect your hands.

Motorcycle gloves have extra thick padding on the palm to protect your skin. While there are an endless amount of gloves to choose from, I always prefer the ones that cover half of my fingers (finger less gloves).

The finger less gloves usually have mesh on top or have small holes on the top to let air in. Remember, I’m in south Florida so it gets hot. If I use full finger gloves, it will be like dipping my gloves in the pool.

Of course, also get a pair of full finger gloves to use for cold weather. The ones I have are leather and even use them when I travel out of town.

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