Mongols MC and Iron Order Banned from Colorado Motorcycle Expo.

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The Colorado Motorcycle Expo. will be held at the National Western Complex in Denver.

It was two years ago that Victor Mendoza, a member of the Mongols MC, died from a gunshot wound to the chest while visiting the popular swap meet at the National Western Stock Show Complex in Colorado. Two others were shot and another stabbed.


Mendoza was killed by a member of the The Iron Order MC, Derrick Duran, an off-duty correctional officer with the Colorado Department of Corrections. The Iron Order MC was originally founded by a Secret Service Agent and thus, it’s members are law enforcement and members of the military. However, the military has considered after the shooting at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo., to add the Iron Order MC to a list of banned clubs.


A police report concluded that an altercation began with members of the Mongols laying claim to a stairwell. The verbal altercation quickly escalated and during the brawl, a member of the Iron Order fired his gun, hitting a member of the Mongols. Another Mongel fired back, striking a member of the Iron Order and grazing Duran, and that’s when Duran fired his weapon. Another member of the Iron Order was stabbed by a Mongol MC member during the melee.

Duran claimed self-defense and was never charged with any crimes.


Consequently, the two day event has since been cancelled, but will now reopen for 2018. Scheduled dates are January 27-28 and the event location is 4655 Humboldt Street, Denver, Colorado 80216.

New restrictions and security measures such as metal detectors and extra security will be implemented. In addition, the Iron Order MC and the Mongols MC are banned from the event. Alcohol is also prohibited.

The Confederation of Clubs will however, be hosting an event on the same day at the Harley Davidson Dealer in Parker, with proceeds to benefit veterans. For further information, follow this link. 

For more information on the Colorado Motorcycle Expo, click this link.

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A link to the 195 page police report of the shooting can be seen by following this link.

An edited video of Duran’s interrogation can be seen with this link.

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