MLK Ride Out 2017- SMH

MLK Rideout Miami
That’s Smart


The annual ride on Martin Luther King Day resulted with dozens of cars being towed, 44 arrests between Miami-Dade and Broward, two firearms seized, at least one crash, and one death.

Each year this ride takes place on Martin Luther King Day, and riders of ATV and dirt bikes come from all over the country to participate. Apparently, people are stupid enough to drive hundreds of miles to either participate in chaos, get arrested, or suffer injury and/or death.

I’m not sure what is going to have to take place to put an end to this, but I continue to fail to see why the roads cannot be blocked. Just think of how much money and time this is costing the county. Think about how an accident results in medical bills and law suits. Now think of the tragedy of someone dying for participating in this.

I appreciate the county’s cute hashtags like #mdpd, #zerotolerance and #isitworthit, but apparently, it is. Just look at the picture above. As we use to say as kids, “way to go Einstein.”

As to the guy in the picture, here’s some free advice; take the plea.

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Photo taken while riding the Tail of the Dragon


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