Mistrial! Waco Twin Peaks Biker Trial

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Christopher Jacob Carrizal’s Trial ends with Mistrial

Updates on the Waco Twin Peaks Trial

Updated November 15, 2017.

Christopher Jacob Carrizal, President of the Dallas Chapter of the Bandidos MC, was the first one to stand trial in the Waco Twin Peaks Biker shooting. With closing arguments heard on Thursday, the jury was sent to deliberate. By Thursday evening, the jury was already deadlocked and as is normally done, Judge Johnson advised the members of the jury to try again. However, earlier today, the jury confirmed once again that they were deadlocked! I’m actually surprised and give Judge Johnson credit for not pushing deliberations through the weekend. Although, a new interview with a juror said the jury was leaning towards an acquittal, so maybe holding out for the weekend would have been best.

As a result, Judge Matt Johnson declared a mistrial! And while yesterday I predicted a NOT GUILTY plea and honestly did not even consider a mistrial, this could be considered almost as good.


A mistrial means Carrizal can and will be tried again and the District Attorney’s Office will get a second bite at the apple, but so will Carrizal. At this point, the D.A.’s office has already revealed their hand, which means they will most likely have to take a different approach, whether in jury selection, presentation of new evidence, and/or new witnesses. Maybe even lesser charges being filed since every attorney in the country except for Reyna, believes that a conviction on the current charges is tantamount to climbing Mt. Everest backwards. Also, the jurors if they wish, could speak to defense counsel.

However, it should also be considered that Carrizal was chosen first to stand trial because District Attorney Abel Reyna’s Office believed this would have been their strongest case, and if Carrizal would have been convicted and sentenced to life in prison, this definitely would have put the D.A.’s office in a position of power when it comes to negotiating and offering plea deals.

But, as I have mentioned endlessly in my blogs, any plea would negate the possibility of a civil rights lawsuit, forcing all these cases to trial and a mistrial pushes the D.A.’s office one step back, if not several. This, not even taking into consideration all the other pending issues with Reyna’s office including a possible federal investigation for public corruption.

While it is not a 100 percent victory for Carrizal and his attorney Casie Gotro, at the minimum it is a 50% victory for the defense and a 100% loss for Reyna. Not to mention that this sets the tone for the rest of cases and the other defendants already know which path the D.A’s office will take with the remaining cases. In addition, this lost to Reyna will come back to haunt him. Thus, this victory was critical. Regardless, I tip my motorcycle helmet to Casie Gotro for an excellent job in representing Carrizal and for fighting and believing in what’s right, and to Carrizal for taking this head on. Congrats to both.


It should be noted that a new trial date of April 2, 2018 has been scheduled.

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