Michigan Motorcycle Helmet Study

The University of Michigan & the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released a study last week that concluded that the fatality rate for non-helmet wearing motorcycle riders was higher than those that wore helmets.

While the fatality rates did not increase between 2011 and 2013, the years the study was conducted, for helmeted riders it was 2.8% and 5.4% increase for motorcycle riders without helmets. A separate study conducted by a trauma center in Michigan concluded that medical care was 32% higher for motorcycle riders without helmets, or $28,000.00.
Proponents for eliminating helmet laws argue that it would boost tourism, an argument that I find absurd. I always wear my helmet but I cannot imagine not riding to a particular state because they have a helmet law. You might as well argue that if you are required to wear motorcycle boots when riding, less riders would go to the state.

Click here for the report.

Be safe.

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