Mayans MC is a Go

mayans mc sons of anarchy, mcatty
Scene from Son’s of Anarchy with Marcus Alvarez (Actor Emilio Riveria) and Jax Teller (Actor Charlie Hunnam)

It has been confirmed that the spinoff of Sons of Anarchy; Mayans MC had ten episodes picked up by FX with the pilot being aired in summer of 2018.

Kurt Sutter, along with co-creater Elgin James, continue riding the huge wave of success left behind with outlaw motorcycle gangs and the wildly successful Sons of Anarchy series.


Mayans MC centers around Ezekiel, aka EZ Reyes (actor JD Pardo) who out of jail, joins the outlaw motorcycle gang as a prospect. The Mayans MC charter is near the California-Mexico border.

Ez Reyes’s character will focus on a life of revenge since his family was brutally murdered by the drug cartels, but revenge is what drives him deeper into the world of outlaw motorcycle clubs. Personally, I love revenge stories as my favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo written by Alexandre Dumas.

The almost all Latino cast will include legendary actor Edward James Olmos. Of course, being born and raised in Miami, I know him better as Detective Castillo in Miami Vice.

Others include Irish actress Sarah Bolger, Clayton Cardenas, Richard Cabral, Michael Irby, Raoul Trujillo, Antonio Jaramillo and Carla Baratta.

outlaw motorcycle clubs, mcatty, outlaw motorcycle gangs
Actor JD Pardo as prospect EZ Reyes in a scene of Mayans MC


Being a huge fan of Sons of AnarchyMayans MC is coming out at the right time since I was close to watching reruns of the hit series on Netflix. I, like countless others, was suffering from withdraw. I know plenty of haters complain about the show and that club life isn’t like that, and my response is whoever said it was?

There’s no murderous clown hiding in the sewers, but that didn’t stop Stephen King’s “It” from being a huge literary success in 1987 and now a blockbuster on the silver screen. It’s entertainment! Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t take life so serious! Trust me, L.A. Law is nothing like the practice of law!

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