May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

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I’ve never seen these signs in Florida, but have throughout the country. As well as distracted driving signs.

May is known as Motorcycle Awareness Month. By now you may have seen the electronic billboards flashing slogans like “Look Twice for Motorcycles.” I’m not sure why signs can’t flash those messages year round, but, I guess it is better than nothing. With winter gone, this is a good month to begin the annual reminder.

While creating months like Motorcycle Awareness is a step in the right direction, that will not be solution to the problem that continues to exist with distracted driving.

There needs to be enhanced penalties, especially if an auto crashes into a motorcycle. Motorcycle riders also need to take advanced motorcycle safety courses, preferably annually, rather than the obligatory class for their endorsement. I continue to offer free classes to riders, but unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of them believe they already know how to ride a motorcycle, yet, when I ask them to show up to the course and prove me wrong, they don’t. Those are usually the same ignorant idiots that tell me “you can’t learn to ride a motorcycle while doing circles in a parking lot.” I guess the motors squad at police departments worldwide have always been doing it wrong all this time.

Also, the drinking and riding needs to be controlled. Riding with a “buzz” isn’t cool. Too many bikers have told me they ride better when drinking, but when I take them up on that challenge, they always say ‘”no.” One day, I will be able to get a group of bikers in parking lot and practice the course with me sober. Most of them wouldn’t even be able to complete the course, but regardless, we will add one beer each time the course is completed, until they realize that statement no longer holds true.

Be safe.

MC Atty

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