Mark Twain State Park (Day 19)

Mark Twain Park, Motorcycle Camping
Mark Twain Memorial

…nothing so liberalizes a man and expands the kindly instincts that nature put in him as travel and contact with many kinds of people.

Letter to San Francisco Alta California, dated May 18th, 1867; published June 23, 1867.- Mark Twain.

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Entering Mark Twain State Park

Three hundred forty-four miles later on my motorcycle and four thousand four hundred forty-nine miles total, and we arrived at Mark Twain Park located in Florida, Missouri. The campgrounds and campsites were spacious and we were isolated since it was the middle of the week. They also had the best bathrooms we had come across.

At Mark Twain State Park there are plenty of trails to enjoy including boating on the large Mark Twain Lake, but, a must do is visit Mark Twain’s childhood cabin that even has a handwritten manuscript of Tom Sawyer. I walked to the lake several times since it was only a couple of hundred yards from my site. It was the perfect spot to unwind. Of course, Bella enjoyed the walks as well. I would also go at sunset.

My only issue with Mark Twain State Park was Flyzilla. Yes, you read correctly. Flyzilla was everywhere! Go ahead and laugh at my expense, it’s all good.

Here are the photos from Mark Twain State Park and a video riding into the park.

Enjoy and watch out for Flyzilla!

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