Loretta Lynn is Back? Future Motorcycle Events?

loretta lynn's ranch, coal miners daughter

Loretta Lynn’s Ranch

Interesting enough, I saw this announcement on the Loretta Lynn website. I guess they are ready for another event not related to Nashville Bike Week which has been nothing but a daily reality show filled with drama. This is going to get interesting especially with rumors that NBW is looking to do 2-3 events per year, even claiming to have a fifteen year lease on new land.

Below is the information posted on their site, along with a link to send/request information.

“On February 6, 2017, Loretta Lynn’s Ranch announced it would no longer be hosting Nashville Bike Week and has officially removed it from their 2017 Calendar of events. Loretta Lynn’s Ranch representative, Patsy Lynn Russell stated that Nashville Bike Week failed to meet the terms of their contract. The Ranch has not been provided with any further information pertaining to it. Patsy stated, “We want to express our regrets to the motorcycle community at large. Our family and employees were looking very forward to hosting this event and meeting rally-goers at the Ranch.”

Since the announcement, Loretta Lynn’s Ranch has received positive support, including countless calls and inquiries about the possibility of another motorcycle-friendly event at the Ranch. “We were overwhelmed at the wishes and will be working on a new multi-day event to embrace the motorcycle and music communities,” shared Patsy. Loretta Lynn’s Ranch invites everyone to follow their social media or sign up on their website to receive information when it becomes available.”

Updated 7/6/17

I have since had the opportunity to interview the promoters of this event. My blog and interview with them is available by clicking this link. In addition, the promoter of the event, Mike Axle, aka Mike Leffingwell, has since been arrested and has currently seven charges pending in multiple jurisdictions.

Janelle Roberts who recently was the face and voice of Nashville Bike Week has disappeared. The Facebook page for the event has not posted in several weeks, however, negative comments continue to be removed.

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