Let’s Dishonor Martin Luther King, Jr.- Again!

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Chaos in the streets of Miami

And so yet another year where on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Miami looks like an out of control city overrun by a bunch of criminals riding ATVS and dirt bikes.

Known as the Bikes Up Guns Down movement, non-street legal ATVS and dirt bikes will cut through traffic, ride against the flow of traffic, on the sidewalk, cut through business parking lots and people’s lawns to honor one of the greatest men in history; Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I don’t think their behavior falls under passive resistance and/or civil disobedience.

Bikes Up Guns down began in order to protest gun violence. I’m for protests, peaceful ones, not protests that only results in creating chaos and putting anyone on the road in danger. Nor protests that results in more crimes being committed as the message gets lost. Free speech and protesting injustice go hand-in-hand, but, not crime. What’s worse is the media calls them bikers. They are not bikers!!!

Unfortunately, because there is no official face or organization tied into Bikes Up Guns down, there are no permits, traffic control, street blockage, etc.

Of course, having a no-chase policy means no lawsuits by individuals who break the law in the first place, Miami saves money, and the behavior continues, thus, it seems this rally will only get bigger with each passing year. As it is, ATV and dirt bike riders come from all over the country just for this during MLK Weekend.


This past Saturday, a Sergeant with Miami Gardens Police responded to calls of dozens of reckless riders in the Miami Gardens area. A video shows the riders dispersing and even one rider opening the police car while another person starts jumping up and down on the trunk of the car.

One bike was recovered due to a crash and it turns out that dirt bike was stolen; the contradiction of what Bikes Up Guns down seems to stand for. Every year dozens get arrested, ATV and dirt bikes get impounded, not to mention accidents, some even fatal. The Sergeant that appeared on scene stated the riders were swerving in and out of traffic, popping wheelies, and one was carrying a gun.

See anyone you know in the video, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Your tip is anonymous and a reward of $1,000 is possible.

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Follow this link to be taken to the NBC 6 website where you can see the video.

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