Leesburg Bike Fest Tips (Florida)

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Yeah, that’s our driver. Cool guy!


When we have gone to Leesburg, I always choose to stay in the Orlando area. Of course, that comes with much criticism, but I don’t see the point in hanging out so close to Leesburg. I do the same for other bike events as well. The closer you are to the event, the more you overpay for everything else. So, with some planning, I stay nearby, get great hotel deals, plus more options as well. For example, in Orlando, there are a ton of hotels, restaurants, and bars. The best part, it is all walking distance from your hotel. This video, we went to party at Senor Frogs which was great, because they picked us up at the hotel, so there was no issue with drinking and riding. As you can see, we had a great time.


The first time I went to Leesburg, my friend who has family in the area, told me let’s eat somewhere else. I was stubborn and wanted to get close to the action. I should have listen. The restaurants run out of food consistently, not to mention since they are packed, service isn’t great either. Take my word, stay farther away and for a great experience.

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  • April 24, 2016 at 3:51 pm

    Leesburg has always been a good experience for us. The location of where you found us the hotel has actually made a lot of difference. We get to do more than what we actually went for. Ride , enjoy each other’s company, etc. we always have a good time when we ride with you.

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