Leesburg Bike Fest Shooting Updates

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Updated 7/24/17

The following article was posted this morning by the Orlando Sentinel regarding the shooting between the Outlaws Motorcycle Club and the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club during the Leesburg Bike Fest.

Above is the link I originally posted in reference to the deadly shooting that took place earlier this year at the Leesburg Bike Fest 2017.

Now it is being reported a third member of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club has been arrested in connection with the shooting and murder of David Donovan, a member of the Kingsmen MC.

Miguel Angel Torres, III from the city of Rockledge, Florida which is about one hundred miles from Leesburg, was arrested. According to the probably cause affidavit, allegedly, it was Torres that forced Donovan out of the Circle K.

Police reports indicate that Donovan, along with three other members of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club, were forced outside by members of the Outlaws MC. The Outlaws demanded that they join the ranks.

Police say Torres held a knife to Donovan’s throat and demanded he turn over his vest. When Donovan refused, he was shot three times. Donovan died a few days later from the gunshot wounds.

Marc Knotts, a chapter President of the Outlaws MC, was also shot during the incident apparently by another member of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club. It has been reported that Knotts was wearing a vest rigged with bullet proof panels. He has been subsequently charged with principal to capital murder and kidnapping along with another Outlaw member- Jesus Alberto Marrero. The police are still searching for Gregory Alan Umphress.


Earlier this year at a bar in Daytona, Florida called Crooks Den, a member of the Outlaws MC, Christopher Keating, was stabbed to death. No arrests have been made to date, but the Daytona Police Department has stated that a fight broke out in the bar between with a member of the Pagan’s Motorcycle Club.

I will continue to provide updates as it becomes available.


This past Saturday, Gregory Umphress was arrested in connection with the shooting. He was arrested in Naples, Florida. Follow this link for the follow up blog.

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