Latest Updates on the Waco Twin Peaks Biker Shootings

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Johnson and Reyna. Photo courtesy of

Updates on Waco Twin Peaks Shootings

No one can’t say they didn’t see it coming, except for maybe Reyna himself, but Reyna is gone, beaten out by Johnson, a former personal injury trial lawyer. Johnson beat Abel Reyna with almost sixty percent of the vote.

Reyna was even chastised recently for using photos of the Twin Peaks shootout for his campaign ads.

“The way you have handled this case is absolutely shameful and misleading to the citizens of this county. So I know the election is tomorrow, and we can’t do anything about it up to this point. But you should be ashamed of yourself, and if I could enforce any of the gag order against you, I would and (would) put you in custody. But since I can’t, you are excused.” Judge Doug Shaver.

Attorney Clint Broden did file a Motion to Dismiss because of the ads, but the motion was denied.

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