Lane Splitting w/ Video


motorcycle lane splitting, where is lane splitting legal
Have car drivers on the same page as motorcycle riders is key!

I previously wrote a blog on lane splitting based on the California study. Of course, California is the only state that legally allows lane splitting, but more states are sure to follow.

As bikers, most of us advocate lane splitting, but even among ourselves, it is controversial. However, like always, passing a law isn’t sufficient. We also have to educate the public on the benefits. Click here for the blog/study on lane splitting. 

Below is a video of motorcycle rider lane splitting. He can ride, I give him that much, but unfortunately, when you mention lane splitting, this is what everybody imagines it is like. The reality is lane splitting should be between ten to fifteen miles an hour. Basically, first gear speed and as a way to have traffic continue to flow smoothly.

Be safe.

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