Lane Positioning

motorcycle riding safety tips

Below is a quick video regarding lane positioning while riding your motorcycle. Notice what I do as I near the traffic light. I choose a side, in this case, the left side because there was a wide enough gap between the car in front of me and the median. The median was also relatively flat which means I could ride up on it if need be. Regardless, I would rather drop the bike on the car then get hit from behind or sandwiched in between the two cars.

One thing to keep in mind is muscle memory. I ride with a lot of motormen, and without a doubt, they are the most experienced riders on the road. Not to long ago in riding with one of my motormen buddies, I realized we were waiting at a light, there were no cars ahead anywhere near us. Yet, the entire time, he kept his hand on the clutch, also had it in gear.

At first, trust me when I say your wrist and forearm muscles will get tired. You have no idea how sore I was when I was practicing my slow maneuver drills. But little by little, I built up my endurance and so will you.

For now, keep the clutch in gear until you are assured the car behind you and the car behind that one has reached a complete stop. But with time, you will end up keeping your clutch in gear the whole time.

Also, remember to not get close to the car in front of you. My experience has taught me that motorcycle riders ride their bikes like they drive their cars. If you tailgate while driving, you will tailgate while riding. You need to break that pattern!

You need to always keep a safe distance while riding and while even stopped at a traffic light.

Be safe.

MC Atty



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