It’s On!?- Nashville Bike Week

It was several long months ago that I started blogging about Nashville Bike Week. It was a daily occurrence with all that was happening and every day I wondered and waited, when Mike Leffingwell was going to post he had a land deal secured. He did announce it once, but I didn’t believe him, sources said it wasn’t true, and ultimately, that was proven to be the case. Then came the Grand Ole Opry and we all knew that was a no go. But, I still expected it at some point and while I was not a fan of Mike Leffingwell, and he had no qualms voicing his opinion about me, I promised myself that when he did obtain that site, I would mention it. So, here I am.

Janelle Roberts, the face/voice of Nashville Bike Week has officially secured the site of American Rebel Off Road Park. This doesn’t erase the past. Promises were made that were impossible to keep. People still want refunds and there is talk of lawsuits. But, fact is, Janelle Roberts accomplished something Mike Leffingwell couldn’t and didn’t do, and that is secure a site. So, I officially tip my hat at her.

Lines have been drawn in the sand as of months ago. There are those that don’t care about all the prior issues and are looking forward to go to Tennessee regardless. Then there is the rest who don’t care where it is held and whether it is held at all, they just want their money back. Refund requests will continue as will the responses to these requests. Fortunately or unfortunately, securing land is the first positive steps anyone has seen in months.

What’s next? Who knows. Time will tell.

MC Atty

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