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Tennessee welcomes you

*Updated 7/4/17

The soap opera that is Nashville Bike Week continues. Unless you only listen to Mike Leffingwell, aka Mike Axle, then of course, all is well. He has said don’t listen to the media because President Trump said so.

I guess the entire media and motorcycle riding community for no reason at all has decided to pick on him, including the Better Business Bureau which has at least twice come out publicly against the event.

Even the Humphrey’s Sheriff’s Department even has a link on their site to file a complaint regarding Nashville Bike Week. Now it is the Tennessee Department of Health.

Nashville Bike Week is no longer selling tickets until they receive their permit for the mass gathering law and has been ordered to stop per the State of Tennessee Health Department.

nashville bike week


There is still no construction on the land that Axle claims was leased for 15 years, even though on social media the daughter of the land owners said that the family farm was not hosting the event. Recently, an attorney experienced in this area of law and licensed in the state of Tennessee, mentioned to me some very interesting points, as well as many others that have reached out to me as well.

  • For one, take into consideration that there is river/streams cutting through the property. That means the EPA gets involved.
  • Big acts such as Gene Simmons have to approve new concert sites, a standard clause in the business as well as a “morals clause.”
  • Nashville Bike Week has claimed someone won a motorcycle in a giveaway. That means the Tennessee Gaming Commission has to be involved (rumor is a family member won) as well as the IRS. And many more potential issues were mentioned to me.

Still, there is no new face for the event, something Axle promised. He still hasn’t taken care of his multiple warrants which he promised he would, even though originally he said he wasn’t going to take care of it because he had “bigger fish to fry.” (update- Mike Leffingwell is currently in jail on seven warrants in multiple jurisdictions)

Leffingwell still hasn’t paid a penny of the outstanding judgment of $249,000 from his NASCAR conviction even though in an interview he mentioned having already spent $900,000. Here’s an idea- how about paying off that judgment first. That would prevent NASCAR from placing liens on all assets and further complicating the event.

But if it not sixty cows, then it’s permits, or haters, or whatever. The reality is there is nothing.

In the meantime, “ssshhh,” don’t say anything on social media or Mike Axle will block you within seconds.

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