Isle of Man TT Race Results in One Death

dan kneen crash, isle of man
Dan Kneen

The famous and most dangerous motorcycle race in the world claimed its 146th life in its thirty year history.


Isle of Man native Dan Kneen, crashed and died while taking a practice lap. The motorcycle race is dangerous enough that more than one hundred spectators have also been killed.




“As thrilling as the racing is, at times I’ve thought it shouldn’t be legal. Looking back, I can’t believe I even survived.” Sports Illustrated interview with former TT racer Dave Roper.

“If (tennis star) Roger Federer misses a shot, he loses a point. If I miss an apex, I lose my life.” Richard Quayle, former TT champion.


Something I found interesting is even without the race, there are no speed limits for residents either on the small island.

“Dan lived for his racing and wild horses wouldn’t have torn him away from it. I was happy for him; he was in his element and loving it.”

“Best wishes for all the other TT competitors. The TT show will go on.”

-Richard Keen, father of Dan.

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