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Got to get those cows one by one



Yesterday, social media got to hear from Mike Axle, the promoter of Nashville Bike Week. He called in to Motorcycle Mayhem, a Facebook Live Radio Show (Mondays 8 p.m. est.).

Axle’s call immediately made me think of the movie Escape from L.A. with Kurt Russell when he says “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” It seems nothing has changed at all with the “world’s largest motorcycle concert.”

Apparently, refunds have been issued, about $50,000 worth Axle said. He also said that refunds were requested from 78 people, not 250 as the Sheriff of Humphrey County had previously stated. I’m not sure if that is 78 additional refund requests or that the $50,000 is for those 78 (that’s $641 per refund).


We also know three different credit card vendors have been used for one reason or another because he continues to find better deals with the percentage charged per transaction. This October marks 18 years of practicing law for me, and I’ve used two vendors and the only reason I got rid of the other one was because their system was antiquated ( I wanted an online link).

You would think if someone could hold the “world’s largest motorcycle concert,” they could negotiate a half of a percent on credit card charges. The sales person works on commissions, they’ll work with you especially with that much money coming in.

Now, the good news is any minute now a deal will be struck with the new location. Fortunately for us, it’s no longer the lawyers holding this back almost two weeks, it’s the cows! I hate when cows hold me back! They need to figure out where to put sixty cows. That does make sense. But let me help you with this.

Go to the first property owner north of this location, south, east and west. Offer them money to hold 15 cows a piece. That will take care of it. He also said the property is 12213 Old Hwy 13, Hurricane Mills, TN 37078 . That doesn’t tell me much since anyone could make a deposit to secure a location (think evictions), but at least it is baby steps.


He also claimed to be in meetings all day with the state confirming the acts that have been paid and will be appearing. Of course, you can’t find anyone in the whole state of Tennessee to at least post a picture of this and again, not one employee is to be found to say anything or post anything on social media. I find that odd to say the least.

Axle also hinted that at the honky tonks in Nashville where you have acts like Steven Tyler, maybe even Kid Rock who appear and do impromptu jam sessions . Of course, they are not associated with the event at this time and the hosts of Motorcycle Mayhem made that clear. By the way, Kid Rock will be in Michigan from September 13-20, but Aerosmith seems available after looking at their website.

He also said that Kid Rock whom he calls “Bobby” (apparently they are on a first name basis), lives in the area and may just ride his motorcycle down there. I’m surprised Mikey wasn’t mentioned. He owns a Harley, maybe he rides down there, too (Mikey, aka Mike Pence, Vice President of the U.S.).

Here’s Mikey smiling at me. We were kicking it back, going for a ride around town (alternative/delusional facts).


I’m guessing now that Mike Axle has been reading my blog since I did write in Nashville Bike Week Prove Us Wrong!, to do Facebook Live. Last night he said he was going to do Facebook Live every time a new cabin is installed on the property (don’t hold your breath). I also mentioned, sarcastically of course, to not click a link in the blog because it led to another site where not-so nice things were written about him. I wrote no one needs that sort of negativity in their life. Last night, and I’m paraphrasing, he said for people to post good stuff, not all that negative stuff and that people that are posting negative stuff, are fucked up in the head. Well, on, someone by the same name as Mike Axle/Mike Leffingwell wrote:

“I know most of you on here and there’s some truth here but mostly lies, IL start with the TN MAGGS, I wish you would would come threw with your threats, your a shit talker and afraid to say your name but I will have my lawyers Brian Lewis research this and go to your boss ,glad to see you waste tax payers money, other people on here Cory bear guy, you never gave me a thousand bucks you ask me to finance your garage, and Ms alrighty then, keep your fat ass out of my Business, If any of you have balls call my lawyer Brian Lewis attorney in Nashville (click the link), or come to my office I’m not Hard to find but here’s the Deal Shut the fuck up IL file a suit against your ass for slander and TN Maggs don’t be so upset I told you to stick that Fine up your ass.

My name is Mike leffingwell. I’m not a pussy who uses computers to hide behind and a alias am I TN maggs.”

That’s not negative? What about —“A and heading it up hell we done 56,000 tickets now i got money to have lawyers and investigators hunt dude, known as pussy ass fake biker, the lady from the state and concerned stalker biker, which u all need to mind your business but were coming to find u and prosecute and file suits…and call the law its all legal u rat bitches but were coming to file suits hope u got lawyer money .”

I guess we have different definitions of what the word negative means. Then again, by definition, I’m probably a troll concerning this event.

internet troll
No, that’s not me. My computer monitor is older than that 😉


I also wonder if he got the idea to have a face for the event from me as well since I have mentioned media interviews in order to get free publicity. A PR firm would take care of that. In his interview, he said he hired that day a PR firm which I contacted, and they were very quick and professional with their reply earlier this morning. They confirmed they did meet, but they HAVE NOT been retained. Kelleyanne Conway would be impressed.


Finally, what I consider the most important part of the call in was his criminal past. He brought it up, skimmed over it quickly, and did say that there were outstanding warrants pending, but he has “bigger fish to fry than outstanding warrants.” Really?

Rarely, if ever, anything is more important than setting aside a bench warrant and I’m sure I won’t be able to find a criminal defense attorney to disagree with me. What if he gets arrested just days before the event? Wouldn’t that destroy everything? I have never told a client to delay setting aside a bench warrant. It has to be done A.S.A.P.! A million things could go wrong.

For example, you get involved in a fender bender. It’s not your fault, but, the cops show up and find out you have warrants pending, guess what they do? They arrest you!

In the same breath that he mentions there are outstanding warrants, he said they would have arrested him two weeks when he met with them at their office (meaning Sheriff). Is he actually implying that the Sheriff met with him at the Sheriff’s office and didn’t arrest him? Great, now I have to contact the Sheriff’s office to confirm this. If they do, I’ll add that part to this blog. (The Sheriff did reply to me and posted on Facebook they have had no contact with him at their offices. Look up their Facebook page).


So, if you are wondering when you will see Axle again, you won’t because he said he has a show to put on. Now, I admit, if I were (hypothetically speaking of course) running a scam and let’s call it Miami Bike Week, the largest motorcycle rally and concert in the universe, and I have multiple warrants pending, and people were asking where I was, I would say that I am so devoted to this event, that I will remain in hiding until the event is finished. In the meantime, keep sending me money.

MC Atty

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