California Motorcycle Road Rage Video

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Here is a crazy viral video of motorcycle road rage gone bad. As you can see in the picture above, the motorcycle rider kicks the vehicle while riding on the freeway in Santa Clarita, California. The driver reacts by veering left in what seems an attempt to either scare the motorcycle rider or hit him. From there, the vehicle loses control by crashing into the barrier wall, crossing the lanes, and crashing into the white truck that flips over.


Police say the motorcycle rider will likely be charged with hit and run, no word yet on whether the driver will be charged with anything.

What will it take for all this to end? Start with educational campaigns backed with tough, strict penalties, that law enforcement is willing to enforce.  Change won’t occur overnight, but it will. M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) is a perfect example.
UPDATED- Chris Traber is the one who recorded this video. He has since been interviewed and states the video does not show when the driver of the vehicle left the HOV lane and bumped into the motorcycle rider on the right lane. That explains as I figured, there must have been a precursor to what we saw on video.
And, as I wrote on Facebook, the motorcycle rider has mad skills that definitely saved his life twice already. If he is not a motorman whether retired or active, he seems to ride close to the level of one. He should be teaching motorcycle training courses if he doesn’t already.
As updates continue, I will continue posting it. In the meantime, be careful.
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Click the photo below to be taken to the video link. Give it time to load.
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