I’m Tired of Seeing This! Motorcycle Safety!

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Never do this!!


I will skip the issues of riding gear; no gloves, no helmet, sneakers, and non-motorcycle riding glasses. More importantly, what I see time and time again, probably every time I see a motorcycle stuck in traffic, is that the motorcycle rider will tailgate the car in front of them.

To be clear, at some point it seemed obvious that the motorcycle rider knew the driver of the vehicle, but, that doesn’t change anything. If the car behind the rider in the same lane comes barreling down on him, how does the motorcycle rider get to safety if he doesn’t have an escape route?

In this picture, the motorcycle started to move, so I wasn’t able to get a picture while he was still, but he was as close if not, closer to the car in front. If he picks a side of the lane with a large opening and the car behind is not going to stop on time, he could simply release the clutch and ride in-between the cars, but to do so, he must be at a safe distance to begin with.

The other issue is that riders rarely are in first gear, ready to go if that happens. I’m in first gear until I see the cars behind me have come to a complete stop. You can be an expert in lane positioning, but if your motorcycle isn’t going anywhere, then it’s pointless.

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