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Pawnee County Road Rage Video

An Oklahoma State University student, Camden Rader, went riding with a group of friends to see motorcycle races. Since some in the group were riding motorcycles that are street legal, but not legal for highways, known as a Honda Grom, they were taking the back roads of Pawnee County. In doing so, that is when a violent confrontation ensued.


Below is the video that shows the violent altercation. The man that steps out of the Chevy Silverado has been identified as Russell Watkins. Per Rader, Watkins had cut off the group of motorcyclists and in doing so almost caused an accident.

In the video, you also see Paul Wisely lift his shirt and shows what he claims is a Hells Angel tattoo. Rader claims that Wisely held a knife to his throat and threatened to cut his throat. Paul Wisely was arrested on assault with a deadly weapon. He has since bonded out on a $100,000 bond but I’m sure additional charges will be filed.


Randy Watkins has been identified as the man with the shotgun. He has since turned himself in to police. He recently did an interview and stated that the video doesn’t show what happened prior. He claims that there were a dozen motorcyclists behind his brother following them for 14 miles. His brother called him and since Randy was nearby, he headed that way.

Randy claims the motorcyclists kept jumping in front of his brother’s truck and slamming the brakes. Randy’s hearsay interview has yet to be confirmed by his brother who has yet to be arrested. Randy has been charged with robbery with a weapon, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and knowingly concealing stolen property.

The Sheriff of Pawnee County, Mike Waters, has stated he has seen a second video, and believes the incident was caused by Russell cutting off the motorcyclists.

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The Video can be seen below or by clicking this link.

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