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Well, I’ll start with I told you Mike Axle was reading my blogs. Besides being called out as the ambulance chasing attorney down in Miami, a few people will be receiving Cease & Desist Letters, which is usually used in situations involving Trademark/Patent Infringements. A Cease/Desist letter is basically a letter stating don’t do this or that anymore, or you will get sued. For those getting sued, they are facing a $5 million dollar lawsuit per what he said. I”m not sure if that means $5 million for me and everyone else, or per case.


Now, besides the legal threats that I predicted, I consider that a serious legal mistake. First of all, he had not so many nice things to say about me and a bunch of other people. So I guess I have a slander lawsuit now as well as everyone else. Truth is always a defense, so I’m not sure how he can prove that or the other derogatory terms he said about me and everyone else.

He called me Garcia or Rodriguez, El Fonzo a fucking bitch, etc.. I was also told to take the cigar out of my mouth, but I won’t because I like cigars. I had a great cigar last night; a Vegas 5 Gold Brick. I highly recommend it. I think he also said I’m not a real biker.

Well, truth be told, I’m not a real biker by definition I guess, but I am a real motorcycle rider. I’ve ridden cross country twice. I own two motorcycles, I have a motorcycle related group page with thousands of members. I’ve also been to Leesburg Bike Fest a few times, the same for Daytona and the Key West Poker Run, and I’m very good at motorcycle riding as I was trained by a motorman and they really know how to make a motorcycle dance. I’m very proud of the fact that I can do an 18 ft circle with a Honda VTX 1800. That’s not an easy motorcycle to do that with. I also love scraping the floorboards when I ride. Any pictures of Mike Axle on a motorcycle? Does he even know how to spell motorcycle?


Now, I’m not sure why he would sue me for $5 million because I’ve made him money and he never thanked me nor compensated me for it. Yes, that is correct. He posted on my Facebook Group Page, M.S.A.R. many times his event. I was told people in the group bought tickets. He tagged me many times in the event which means he is using my name and reputation to sell tickets. I even considered going and taking a group with us as we have done out of town group rides before.  I’m sure that resulted in tickets being sold.

Not to mention every time I say for him to do so something to improve the event, he does it. You’re welcome because now making the event better based on my suggestions is also making you more money. By the way, as to charities since he said I do none- research me. I created the Turkey Ride and Drive which collected 7,026 lbs. in turkeys last year with the donations going to the Miami Rescue Mission. Thousands of homeless people across Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach county enjoyed a meal on Thanksgiving thanks to my efforts (by conservative calculations- easily 15,000 people. This includes lower income families). Thanks to the motorcycle riding community, that event is a huge success!

That doesn’t include the 50-100 hours per year I donate in my time as an attorney in helping friends with their legal issues and the thousands of dollars in legal fees I waive every year or even reduced legal fees.

One thing, I had to go back and add this once I published this blog- I teach an endless amount of people for free proper motorcycle riding techniques. During the event, I charge them a turkey for a lesson of about 2-3 hours.

I was also in communication a couple of years ago with a Florida Senator on writing a strict law on distracted driving, but at some point during our talks, Florida did pass a very weak law on texting and driving.


During his interview, Mike Axle bashed John Frew and John denied everything that was said about him. Mike Axle also mentioned a restraining order, but I was told by John the restraining order was never served, not to mention restraining orders will usually revolve around violence or criminal incidents. He did receive a Cease/Desist Letter, but that was it. He even mentioned the person posting on Facebook that said that is her family’s property and the event won’t be taking place there may also be sued as well. He did say the photo is based on what appears through Tennessee’s website concerning property searches.


Anyway, back to the lawsuits, is he suing Humprhey’s Sheriff’s Department for their Facebook posts? Is he suing WKRN News that uncovered this, the Patch Newspaper, and every other blogger and news media that is talking about this, not including the thousands of Facebook posts by individuals?

What about Facebook since Facebook is providing the platform for all this? Maybe, but besides the First Amendment issues that exist, also exists the practical side that any lawsuit will open a can of worms, specifically, everyone involved can have their deposition taken, records and contracts would be subject to scrutiny and become part of the public record. If he won these lawsuits which I am more lucky to win the lotto than Mike Axle sue anyone, then with $1,500 a bankruptcy attorney will wipe out that debt. If you get sued in my district, I’ll do it for free!


Now, as to everything else, it’s simple. This is third time I request to do a Q/A. That would simply take care of everything. We can discuss all the good you have done and all the bad. You have been forthcoming about your past, so let’s chat. About everything. Let’s talk to everyone involved, I would love to talk to them, and you, and ask the questions everybody has. I would also like to interview the new person taking over.

Let’s work together and actually eliminate all the confusion, rumors, speculations, and everything else, and let’s blow the doors off of this event and make it an event that could potentially be better than any other bike week that is out there.

MC Atty

P.S. I’ve edited this blog on 3/2/17 to include what I added above that is highlighted.

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**edited to add link for turkey ride

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