Illinois to Tennessee (Foothills Parkway/Dragon’s Tail) Day 22


From Shawnee National Forest to Tennessee and the infamous Tail of the Dragon. Four hundred twelve miles later, we arrived at Pigeon Forge with a total of five thousand two hundred forty-one miles ridden.

The road leading into Pigeon Forge from the Foothill Parkway (US 321) would be the same as riding the Tail of the Dragon with the difference being sixty miles versus eleven miles. Plenty of twisties to enjoy on US 321. However, I did get stuck there at night and that wasn’t any fun. Definitely not something recommend. Riding during the day is much different story, but like always, be alert and ride the speed limit or lower.

Getting to the Dragon’s Tail meant I took the road less traveled, nothing new with me. The first day of riding the Dragon’s Tail, since it was during the week and later in the day, I basically had the road to myself. I road through Dragon’s Tail and Foothills Parkway before heading out to Pigeon Forge. So, today’s ride was excellent, but tomorrow, that is another story

MC Atty

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Below are pics from the first day of riding the Tail of the Dragon

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