I Love Me a Quickie!

harley davidson street glide
Quick stop at Peterson’s Harley Davidson south location
Who doesn’t love themselves a quickie? Or a nooner? I’m talking about motorcycle riding, get your mind out of the gutter.
Now that the temperature has cooled down to ninety-five degrees in Miami (that is not only sarcasm, but true), I decided to take a quick ride to the Harley Davidson dealership to pick up a passenger highway peg that was left behind by mistake earlier in the week. I had dropped off the motorcycle earlier in the week for a new battery and oil change.
Living in Miami, the riding season for me is the reverse of the rest of the country. Which means while most bikers put their motorcycles away in the winter and take it back out in the summer, in south Florida, our motorcycles stay put come summer. Just too damn hot! Riding around in one hundred degree heat is not as fun as it sounds.
I don’t care who you are or how long you have been riding, or what you ride, chances are you have suffered before from parked motorcycle syndrome (PMS). However, once the weather changes and you are able to jump back into the saddle again, the smile appears instantly. That feeling of euphoria, that adrenaline rush never leaves. 
So, while I can’t do the lengthy rides that I prefer, at least one hundred miles, I’ll settle for the short ones. Like I said, everyone enjoys a quickie, right? It is better than nothing.
In the meantime, I’m looking forward to the upcoming riding season, and I’m especially ready to put some miles on my Street Glide while my Honda VTX takes some time off, she deserves it.
Have fun and see you on the road soon.
MC Atty

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