I-95 Lane Dividers

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I-95 Lane Dividers in Miami


I read a recent article that the lane dividers on I-95 cost approximately one million a year to replace. Approximately five hundred poles are replaced each Wednesday in south Florida.

I have seen plenty of drivers cut through those poles because these cheap asses, after getting stuck in traffic, decide to jump to the fast lane side. Accidents are common. Broward County wants to increase the fines to $165, but my question is why?

Reverse that number to $561; isn’t that better? Trust me, I have been practicing law for seventeen years, you get hit hard enough the first time around, there isn’t a second time. Not to mention, common sense tells me they are not getting their one million dollars back in fines.

But, why stop there. Some will still think they can get away with it if there is no police officer nearby. The other option is put cameras all along to see if a vehicle appears at some point that didn’t initially when entering that lane. But so far, cameras haven’t proven to be much of a deterrent at intersections and part of the problem is that the cameras are sporadic. My solution is a much more cost effective solution.

Keep the fine, but it does have to be increased, and randomly, replace a plastic pole with a steel pole, but of course, disguised as a plastic pole. Trust me, that will work and imagine all the “hits” on YouTube (no pun intended). I know we can’t have all the poles made of steel for a million different safety reasons, but sprinkle a few here and there. That will make them think twice.

Hey, Florida Department of Transportation, I got a bunch of great ideas. Hit me up.

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