Hurricane Aftermath and Motorcycle Safety

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Nothing like going for a ride on your Harley Davidson Ultra Glide as the hurricane hits.

Hurricane Irma is gone, but impossible to forget. If you are in Florida, just look out your window if you need a reminder.

Most injuries and deaths will occur after a hurricane, not during. Because of this, there are serious safety issues to consider if you are riding your motorcycle.


This past Sunday, I went to my cousin’s house to pick up my motorcycle that was kept nice and safe in his garage. While riding, I was watching all the downed trees and power lines, but once I got in the saddle, I was watching out for something else.

While it was interesting looking at debris collected on the side of the road in the comfort of my car and air-conditioning, on the motorcycle, that presented a serious danger and liability. I noticed debris in just about every home and homes on corner lots, the debris obstructed the view of any car ready to turn in front of me. With debris piled up several feet high, a car turning into your lane may not see you at all above the debris or they may be distracted by it.

Be cautious of that. Ride below the speed limit and try to keep an eye out for that car pulling out behind a pile of trash.

hurricane jose, hurricane maria, hurricane debris removal, hurricane irma aftermath
All that trash and debris will hinder a driver’s view. Photo courtesy of the Miami Herald/Hurricane Irma aftermath.


Besides debris, keep in mind the following.

  1. Curfews may be in place. This is the not the time to go around investigating. Getting arrested isn’t fun and lawyers aren’t cheap. Save the money to buy more motorcycle parts. Leave the investigating to FEMA.
  2. There is debris all over the road, so you shouldn’t be riding at all. There are nails and screws scattered throughout and a flat tire only adds to the aggravation.
  3. Besides debris and nails, there are live power cables everywhere, puddles, and potential flooded areas.
  4. While the boredom is killing you slowly, understand that people are in panic mood, driving more aggressively than normal, and many have no idea or don’t care that a traffic signal is treated the same as a four-way stop. The last thing you need is to end up in the hospital and meeting with a lawyer for traffic accidents.

Be safe and smart.

MC Atty

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