Hit A Biker- Attempted Murder

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Photo of the hit and run accident



In the video that has now gone viral, Robert Paul Vance was arrested and charged with attempted murder. As motorcyclists, we have been advocating attempted murder charges in road rage cases. I’m glad to see it happen this time. Vance is being held on $115,000; too low in my opinion.

Vance apparently cut off the motorcyclists a few times and when they reached the traffic light, that is when words were exchanged. Joseph Calderrzo, a Navy Veteran, is the one on Harley Davidson Motorcycle that was run over. He suffered a broken leg. Thankfully, that is all it was.

It’s because of situations like this, that I keep advocating having a camera on your motorcycle. A GoPro or similar camera is perfect. If you don’t want to spend the money, then use your cell phone and attach it to the handlebars. Without a video, who knows what the results would be especially since not everyplace, or intersection, there is a traffic camera.

Vance is an Habitual Traffic Offender and was already involved in a prior hit and run accident in 2011. Unfortunately, these are crimes for which jail time is minimal if at all. That is why we need continue to advocate upgrading the charges instead of an aggravated battery charge.

Below is another video that occurred in Miami recently.





This is the clip that shows what started it.


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