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I don’t even have to blog this time around, but I will. But, just posting the lyrics to the Whitesnake classic “Here I Go Again” would be more than enough to illustrate my point.

I don’t know where I’m going (ain’t that the truth)
But I sure know where I’ve been (Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, Davis property, Grand Ole Opry, Jellystone)
Hanging on the promises (too many to name)
In songs of yesterday

And I’ve made up my mind,
I ain’t wasting no more time (lots of time wasted already)
Here I go again (4th time is the charm)
Here I go again.

Though I keep searching for an answer, (you and hundreds of bikers out of their cash)
I never seem to find what I’m looking for (another way to scam)
Oh, Lord, I pray
You give me strength to carry on, (or another beer)

‘Cause I know what it means
To walk along the lonely street of Mike Leffingwell’s dreams

Here I go again on my own….

All we need is Janelle Roberts wearing an NBW tank top, lying on the hood of Mike Axle’s Dodge Ram Truck.  To quote teenagers: WTF?


So, when the Nashville Bike Week page is not deleting posts or restricting their page, they have someone from the media witnessing the signing of the lease, yet, in the same sentence Nashville Bike Week says ignore everything the media says. Okay…

And now, NBW posts there there are still 101 different activities. When did Mike Leffingwell say that? He said 101 bands, not things! Regardless, this begs the question– why is this still going on? Well, here are my theories-

  1. You got to keep the scam going. Unlikely, since we all know how that story ends.
  2. Nashville Bike Weeks thinks this can be pulled off. Also, unlikely. Fact is, Janelle Roberts isn’t qualified.
  3. She’s avoiding criminal prosecution. My most likely pick. By pushing the event forward, if and when arrested, she will say it was a scam, but “I tried to make it legit.” Okay, so when did she find out it was a scam? Because from that day forward she is liable. The law doesn’t care about the ten rights you did when before that there were ten wrongs.


So, now in a desperate attempt to avoid criminal prosecution, she or Nashville Bike Week, drags into the web of lies American Rebel Mud Park. Why would they offer their location? To subject themselves to criminal and civil liability? If I were Mud Park’s lawyer, I’d say don’t walk away, run away! It’s not worth it.

While a criminal prosecution isn’t likely, in theory, it is possible. It is a broad interpretation, but trust me, I’ve seen worse. Innocent people get caught up in legal matters all the time. I always ask clients how much do you want to spend to prove everyone wrong? If the numbers on your side of the ledger are black, you are all good. But how much is that number? More importantly, aggravation has a price, too. And in a litigious country, good luck.

Click here for a summary of the money laundering federal statute. I’ll summarize a few quick points below-

  1. Conduct a transaction knowing proceeds are from illegal activity and you don’t necessarily have to know what the illegal activity is. Basically, pass the smell test.
  2. Participated or concluded the transaction.
  3. Have knowledge that the transaction was to hide unlawful activity.


In Florida, when property values were soaring, there was a quick and easy scam that the FBI loved because it was so easy to investigate. I’m buying your $300k house for $200k on paper, and giving you the other $100k in cash. I just laundered $300k and since you didn’t report the $100k, you got a problem. FBI would just search public records for houses that were sold way below market value and took it from there. It wasn’t long before they knocked on your door.

The buyer of the home now re-financed the home with the help of a generous appraisal, took out the cash, and moved on to the next home with a new identity of course. How simple is it to get caught up in any scam?

A colleague of mine got into serious legal problems b/c of a similar scam. My colleague owned a real estate title company. With a temporary disbarment, a criminal investigation and three very expensive lawyers on retainer, my colleague proved her innocence. It wasn’t fair and trust me, she did nothing wrong. But the government was arguing she accepted a fake driver’s license at the closing. It turns out those involved (fake buyers and sellers) did multiple closings on multiple properties that were not for sale, all in one day and walked out with all the money.

The attorney was under no legal obligation to confirm the validity of the driver’s license or that the identities were stolen. Her only legal obligation was to confirm the i.d. matched the person in front of her. But the investigators didn’t care. They were looking to make a case.


Now, consider a drug dealer. The drug dealer makes money illegally. Enough money is made that now it has to be laundered and create the appearance of being legit. So they open a store selling widgets. Does that make everything legit now? Of course not! You are legit now because of illegal financial gains the day before. You can’t pour bleach on the past just because you opened an LLC. You are actually digging a bigger hole for yourself because every transaction on the legit side is also a criminal charge.

I won’t even bother going into the legal issues of an illegitimate business being transferred to Janelle Roberts makes every contract void. Does she have the authority to enter contracts? Where are the invisible investors she/Nashville Bike Weeks claims? In one post, she/invisible investors comment they are all about “transparency” while putting a fog machine in front of the mirror. Is Mike Axle/Mike Leffingwell still on the corporate documents? If so, any money gained goes to NASCAR and the victims of NBW.

But since Loretta Lynn’s Ranch is holding their own rally, not without controversy and riding the Nashville Bike Week Wave, that last leg of this wild ride is all that was needed to have this fiasco come full circle. Funny how life works out. The Circle of Life.

My mother said it best- todo que empieza mal, termina mal. Whatever starts off bad, ends bad.

MC Atty

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