Hells Angels Wins Lottery

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So, we have all played the lotto and chances are you haven’t won any money yet, nonetheless, enough to retire. And while as an attorney, I have represented thousands of clients, only one had the stroke of luck of winning a $16 million jackpot two days after I finalized his divorce, and another won a Fantasy Five. However, what are the odds you win the lotto after filing for a bankruptcy? What about winning the lotto while you are in prison? What about winning the lotto while in prison and you filed for bankruptcy?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Reginald “Reg” Roberts, who apparently won the lottery in Australia. Roberts is currently in jail awaiting a conspiracy charge on importing¬†313 kilograms of crystal meth, what police said the largest importation of crystal meth ever into South Australia.


In May of 2015, Roberts had declared bankruptcy and had one month to go before his bankruptcy case was finalized.

According to reports by The Age, an Australian Newspaper, the money from the lotto winnnings entered Roberts’ bank account in April and a few days later it was transferred out. The funny thing, Roberts has been in custody since February.

But, let’s add a further twist to this amazing story. Since 2015, Roberts owes the Australian Tax Office approximately $1.5 million, His lotto winnings are $973,000 and change.

Police are said to be investigating the matter as the win is considered suspicious.

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