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Press Conference on the arrests of Hells Angels in Sonoma County. Photo courtesy of Justin Sullivan/Getty Images, Los Angeles Times.

Eleven members of the Hells Angels M.C. have been arrested on an array of federal charges that includes:

  • murder (four men killed a victim at the Hells Angels Fresno clubhouse. The victim’s name has not been released.)
  • assault
  • drug distribution/marijuana cultivation
  • racketeering (RICO [Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations Act]. Most likely a mortgage fraud scam to purchase real estate to grow marijuana in 2007).
  • robbery
  • extortion
  • illegal possession of firearms
  • obstruction of justice/witness intimidation
  • Nine members of the HAMC were from the Sonoma County Chapter, one from the Fresno Chapter, the other from the Boston/Salem Chapter.

The arrests were part of a federal indictment and those arrested was during a raid in Santa Rosa, California at the Red and White Sonoma County End of Summer Rally. The indictment was actually issued in the first week of October, but had remained private (sealed) until the arrests were made.

Other raids were conducted in more than a dozen locations that resulted in additional weapons being seized including bloody clothing. Police say this is part of an on-going three year investigation and more arrests are likely.

“The indictment describes the Hells Angels as a transnational violent outlaw motorcycle gang and the HASC as a subset of the gang whose members primarily operate in Sonoma County, Calif. ¬†According to the indictment, HASC works cooperatively with other Hells Angels chapters to engage in criminal activity including murder, narcotics distribution, assault, robbery, extortion, illegal firearms possession, and obstruction of justice.”

Once additional details become available, I’ll continue to update this post. This link takes you to the Press Release by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Department of Justice for the Northern District of California. A chart is included which names those arrested along with the charges.

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