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Hells Angels Motorcycle Club


Updated 6/29/17

Lately I have been seeing on social media Hells Angels Motorcycle Club patches for sale. In a temporary moment of naivety, I imagined it cannot be true. So, this morning I did a “Google search” and guess what, I found out it is true.

Not only are the patches for sale, but I also found plenty of forums of people actually trying to buy the patches and asking where the patches can be found!

Many times I have seen, heard, or read criticism of the Hells Angels MC for being “corporate like.” The fact is the Hells Angels own the trademark to their patch which they are entitled to protect by law. No one should be entitled to profit by selling fake merchandise whether it is fake Rolexes, Gucci purses, or in this case, Hells Angels patches. I’ve read before that the Hells Angels do pursue legal action for those that violate trademark law as they should. I hope this time it is no different. My only question is what the hell would possess you to buy a HAMC patch?


Let’s suppose for a second you don’t understand the motorcycle club culture. You don’t have to belong to the military to understand pretending to be in the military and buying lots of medals is not only a bad idea, but stupid. Why not find a police officer uniform, badge, and gun, and pretend you are law enforcement? Or, buy a suit and go to court and pretend to be an attorney.

And you can replace the above mentioned examples with anything else you wish. There is not only a common sense and logical reason why you shouldn’t do that, but also a legal reason. Obviously, common sense isn’t so common.

I knew of a couple that pretended to be in the Marines and once I found out they weren’t, I stayed away from them like they had the plague. We have all heard of stories of someone pretending to be in the military learning a tough lesson and while I cannot condone violence, I do understand it.

Those in the military lost brothers and sisters to the atrocities of war and nothing could be more offensive to them. The military, like the mc’s ask for nothing in return, except respect. They mind their own business and don’t bother you unless you bother them first. Do yourself a favor, don’t bother them or anyone else for that matter. Mind your own business.

Comedian Ron White was right: “you can’t fix stupid.”

MC Atty

Below- Roger Alan Wade sums it up perfect.

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  • January 17, 2018 at 3:42 am

    People can’t be that stupid! Yeah, they are. Then they get an ass kicking and talk shit about the clubs. Like you said- you cannot pretend to be in another career and not have consequences. Hell, if a Marine smacks you around bc you pretend to be one, i’m good w/ that.

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