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The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club has been in the news lately, especially in Canada, and I’m sure that is not by choice.

This week marks the twentieth anniversary of the murder of Diane Lavigne and Pierre Rondeau, two correctional officers that were killed under orders by Maurice (Mom) Boucher, the former President of the Hells Angels Montreal chapter.

Maurice Mom Boucher, Hells Angels MC

Maurice Boucher himself survived a stabbing in prison in 2010. Last year, Boucher and his daughter, Alexandra Mongeau, along with Gregory Woolley, were charged as part of a conspiracy to murder Raynald Desjardins, a lieutenant in the Rizzuto crime family.

Boucher is also facing charges of the attempted murder of Ghislain Gaudet, who is in jail on a life sentence conviction for a 1979 murder. Gaudet was stabbed multiple times but survived the attack.

This week, law enforcement in Nova Scotia expressed concern that they expect a Hells Angels chapter to open up within the next few months. The Hells Angels did have a Halifax chapter that was formed in 1984, but police raided the clubhouse resulting in twenty arrests and the closure of the chapter.

In addition, this week continues the trial of what is known as Project Forseti; a sting operation that targeted members of the Hells Angels and the Fallen Saints Motorcycle Club.

Project Forseti began with the 2004 murder trial of Isho Hana. Kenneth Tingle, Jonathan Dombrowsky and Long Nam Luu were all charged with the murder of Hana, but were found not guilty in the alleged contract killing. However, Neil Yakimchuch was found guilty, but Yakimchuch, overturned his conviction and thus, his case has been remanded to the trial court for round two.

Noel Harder is the star witness and controversial paid informant of Project Forseti. As is typical of informants, he earned money for his role as a confidential informant, thus, he credibility has been the subject of questioning. In court this week, it had been determined that he was paid $300,000.00 as an informant. Harder was the former vice president of the Fallen Saints MC.

project forseti, hells angels mc, fallen angels mc
Informant Noel Harder

Project Forseti has already resulted in numerous convictions, including that of Hells Angels Robert Allen for cocaine trafficking and Fallen Angel MC member, Justin Smith. Smith was sentenced to eighteen years for multiple charges from drug trafficking, assault, to weapons charges.

Clint McLaughlin, who was charged with seventeen weapons related charges, was found not guilty because the judge did not find Harder’s testimony to be credible.

Several Fallen Saints members, including club president Mark Nowakowski, are scheduled for trial later this year. There are still one hundred plus charges pending in this matter. Police estimate over eight million in illegal drugs and over two hundred firearms were confiscated as part of the Project Forseti.

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