Harley Davidson the State Motorcycle?

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York, Pennsylvania, site of Harley Davidson’s largest manufacturing plant.


A bipartisan bill (17 Republicans/12 Democrats) has made it’s way to the State Government Committee of Pennsylvania that could possibly name Harley Davidson as the state motorcycle.

GOP co-sponsors include Keith Gillespie, Majority Appropriations Chair Stan Saylor, Seth Grove, and Senate candidate Kristin Phillips-Hill.

Harley Davidson’s largest manufacturing plant is located in York, Pennsylvania with more than 900 employees.

President Trump and Harley Davidson

While President’s Trump latest Twitter spat includes Harley Davidson, this bill in reality has nothing to do with the President, and supporters of the bill have made that clear, including Democrat Representative William Kortz, II of Allegheny County. The bill was first introduced a year ago.


“Let me be succinct. This is not a shot at the president. Sincerely, it has nothing to do with that at all.”

“I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, we just never got it passed,” he said. “Really, it’s not as important as the budget.”

“But, it’s a way to promote the bikes. It’s good for the economy if we can sell some motorcycles. And, motorcycle riding is not partisan.”

-Democrat Representative William Kortz II

Kortz rides a Harley Davidson motorcycle and even worked for U.S. Steel.

Wording of the House Bill –

“The Harley-Davidson motorcycle is a true-blue American iron horse manufactured in Pennsylvania by American workers using American steel;

“Over the years, thousands of Harley-Davidson enthusiasts have trekked to York to witness firsthand the living legacy of Harley-Davidson USA;

And, “Harley-Davidson continues to sustain a loyal brand community which remains active through clubs, events and the Harley-Davidson Museum.”

Why It’s a Great Idea

For me, this is a no-brainer because it creates awareness of motorcycles. Whether politics are involved or not, is irrelevant to me. States are already represented by certain colors, animals, birds, mountains, trees, and/or anything else you can think of, so why not motorcycles, too?

The more car drivers are aware of motorcycles whether directly via safety campaigns or indirectly such as Harley Davidson named as the state motorcycle, can only be good for motorcycle riders across the board, regardless of what motorcycle they ride and what their political ideology is.

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