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Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company Museum

This weekend you can celebrate Harley Davidson style as the museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin gets ready for its eighth birthday.

There is plenty to do at the museum, but even more so this weekend. Thursdays are synonymous with bike night, so what better bike night than at the museum?

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When the weekend thunders in, join the Wild Ones: Vintage Motorcycle Rally which includes vintage Harleys and fun games like the slow race. I don’t know if you have ever seen some of these guys in a slow race, but they have incredible balance and skills to keep their classic Harleys standing absolutely still! It’s fun to watch.

Vintage motorcycle rally, mcatty
The slow race is being hosted by the Antique Motorcycle Club of America (AMCA) Badger Heritage Chapter.

Of course, you cannot forget the Race of Gentlemen Exhibit. Click here to read about the race and rally.

the race of gentlemen banner girl

Everyone’s favorite, the Wall of Death Stunt Show will have the Ives Brothers performing their insane anti-gravity show.


Ives Brothers and wall of death
The Wall of Death

You can also head inside after your demo ride and sit on a replica motorcycle, enjoy the Bikes, Brats, and Beer tour, or the Pub Cruise. For you gear heads, your personal favorite will likely be the interactive Engine Wall.

Harley Davidson Museum Engine Wall

Definitely take a full day to enjoy the museum and the calendar full of events that has been organized. Afterwards, ride through Milwaukee in seventy degree temperature while I sit at home in one hundred degree heat.

General admission prices range from free for Harley Owner’s Group (HOG) members, to $20 for adults, and discounted tickets for military and students. There is also the behind the scenes tour for an additional twenty dollars.┬áTickets can be purchased at the Museum or go directly to the Museum’s website.

Have a great time, I definitely wish I could be there. If you go and want to write a blog about it, reach out to me at alex@mcatty.com.

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  • January 9, 2018 at 4:06 am

    I seriously love your blog. The wife and I are thinking about riding out cross country next year. We live near Savannah. It will be our first trip to Sturgis. don’t know if we can sneak in the HD Museum, but we’ll try. We even want to buy a new Ultra while out there. Looking at 2 weeks off, even though I got plenty of comp time at work.

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