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My Harley Davidson key fob


With the weather getting slightly cooler in south Florida, meaning it’s only 90 degrees instead of 100 degrees, that means it’s time to ride and I did so beginning on October 1. We participated in an annual ride of a local LEMC of about two hundred miles round trip.


That day when I tried to crank up my Harley Davidson Street Glide, I quickly found out the battery was dead even though I had a battery tender connection. So, I rode my Honda VTX instead and had Harley Davidson Peterson’s South location pick up my Street Glide on Monday.

On Tuesday, the motorcycle was ready after an oil change and flushing of the brake line. At the dealer, I realized I had to pick up a file at the office since I had Mediation scheduled for the next day, so off I went.


A nice ride turned horrific when I bumped into Hurricane Matthew traffic once I reached the city/suburbs. My frustration grew when I realized in bumper-to-bumper traffic with it being 90 degrees at 5:30 p.m., that my key fob fell off the ignition. I forgot to put it in my pocket like I normally do since the motorcycle vibrates.

I pulled into a parking lot and start looking around for it, thinking it may have fallen somewhere inside the motorcycle. No such luck! But wait, how is my bike still running? I then realized I had a spare in the saddlebags which meant, the fob was somewhere on the road. How much is this going to cost me?

I decided I was willing to walk for five minutes on the sidewalk before I give up. After about 150 feet of walking, I hear what I would guess sounds like cars running over mykey fob. I was right! After the red Mini-Cooper ran it over, I jumped in front of the next car and I made the “stop” gesture with the palm of my hand like I am a police officer. Inches from the tire was my fob.


I picked it up and looked at it. It was scratched up, but not cracked. I threw in the saddlebag and finally made it back to the office. When I arrived, I put the other fob far from my bike and kept the one that was run over by multiple cars. Guess what? It worked like nothing ever happened!

I don’t know what Harley Davidson did when it came to construction of those fobs, but I have a first hand account and witnessed that these things were built perfectly! Great job Harley Davidson with the fob! I also promise this won’t happen again.

Ride safe.

MC Atty

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