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Updated 7/8/17

It was only two blog posts ago that I wrote about Harley Davidson and the hashtag #unitedweroll. All over social media I had been seeing that hashtag along with the American flag and the statement that freedom is not a “partisan idea.” Well, that caught my attention because it meant Harley Davidson jumped into the political fray headfirst, not to mention that Harley Davidson is represented well by the red states.


In my blog, I referenced an interview of Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company CEO Matt Levatich with The Street, a financial publication, where he was tough on politicians especially the Republican Party by stating “they are leading the crazy parade.” Levatich was stating that American politics was having an effect on the sales of motorcycles because the image of the United States was being tarnished.

We are in 90-plus countries worldwide and our brand identity is connected strongly to the ideals of America – and when the ideals of America seem to no longer be our ideals anymore, it can’t help things.”


Yesterday came the news that President Trump was going to the Harley Davidson factory in Wisconsin to promote jobs and would be signing Executive Orders while there, but apparently, Harley Davidson had other plans and removed the rug out from President Trump.

The visit was not announced publicly, but there were staffers from the White House already there. Harley Davidson stated there was no meeting scheduled, and officials from Trump’s administration confirmed that President Trump would not be visiting with Harley Davidson and did not deny the meeting. Weird… Officials also stated Harley Davidson was concerned about protests.

One question comes to mind- we all know Harley Davidson riders love, maybe are even obsessed with the brand and the same holds true for many that support Trump. But now what? Boycott Harley Davidson since they boycotted the President?

Stay tuned for the world’s greatest reality show- Our Presidency.

MC Atty

Here is a recent interview of Levatich discussing the issues with trade and tariffs.

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