Got Tires? A Guide to Pirelli Tires

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A Guide To Pirelli Tires

For most motorcyclists, one of the most crucial elements of your ride is the wheels. Since these are what keep you on the road and prevent you from spinning out, it’s imperative that you buy tires that will give you the best performance. One of the top brands in this industry is Pirelli, which makes high-quality rubber that keeps your bike in peak condition. To help you find the right ones for you, we are going to go over what Pirelli motorcycle tires to get so that you are improving your motorcycle experience.

Understanding the Tire

To better figure out which set of tires are best for your bike, it’s important that you first know what all goes into the wheel so that you can check the rating and make sure that it’s ideal for your needs. A standard Pirelli tire for motorcycles consists of five things: tread, belts, carcasses, beads, and sidewalls. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Tread: how well the tire grips the road
  • Belt: how much pressure and force the tire can take
  • Carcass: how much torque and suspension the tire has
  • Bead: how well the tire attaches to the rim
  • Sidewall: displays crucial information and ensures longevity of the tire


Once you know the inside of a tire, you can start to find ones that will perform the best on your motorcycle. For example, if you like to go fast and take tight corners, then you will need something with a strong belt and carcass that can handle the amount of pressure you put on it. Pirelli has a wide selection of tires for different purposes, whether it’s racing, commuting, or going off-road.


When looking at tires, you will see a set of numbers and letters that designate what the tire is made of and how it can handle. One of the letters shows you how fast you can reasonably go. For example, the lowest setting is N, and you can hit a top speed of 150 km/h. If you go all the way to ZR, you can tear out at 340 km/h or faster. Be sure to pay attention to your classification when selecting a tire.

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