Got Light?

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Got Light?

Today I’m going to review something that often gets overlooked, and something no longer in my possession. More on that later.

I’ve already reviewed the Trekology Yizo Go Camping chair, but now I’m going to focus on light(s), which in my opinion, is often overlooked, if not ignored completely when it comes to camping.

Now, when you go camping, chances are it is in the middle of nowhere and bottom line, light is a priority. Honestly, I have more flashlights than I need in this lifetime, and of course, I use none of them. But, that’s about to change.

First of all, I have a super powered submersible flashlight. I have one flashlight that is like a miniature bat. I have a half dozen small flashlights. I also have those flashlights that strap around my head and makes me feel like a coal miner.

My first issue with all these flashlights is they require batteries and that’s one more thing to worry about when I travel and go camping. I thought I had the solution when for Hurricane Katrina, I bought a flashlight that I could windup to give it power. It came in very handy considering I was without power for more than a month, but truth be told, the charge was minimal as well as the brightness of light and spinning that little handle constantly was no fun.

For camping I have a powerful hangup light that runs on electricity, and for tent camping I have a LED light-fan combo. The lighting is great, burning through batteries isn’t and if I am primitive camping, that brings up even more issues.

That’s where Trekology’s rechargeable LED Camping Lantern comes in.

One issue I was facing was reading inside a tent. Trekology’s Camping Lantern resolves that issue since it is not a concentrated beam of light like a flashlight.

Two, it’s rechargeable! This is a huge issue for me. Again, I’m not into batteries and it is made worse by traveling on a motorcycle to have to make stops for such items. But, the Trekology camping light is not only rechargeable, it solves a very important issue when it comes to how it is charged.

If traveling in a car or even on a motorcycle, chances are you have a USB charger. That’s all you need! I travel with my laptop, so I can charge the lantern that way if I wish, or with my motorcycle or truck.

But besides that, the reason I chose the Trekology Camping chair was because based on it’s height, I could sit comfortably inside my tent while using my laptop. But my light? Well, as you can see in the picture, pull out the USB cable, strap it to the ceiling of the tent, and now your tent is flooded with light. However, like I said before; I’m no longer in possession of my camping light.

What happened? Anny took it away from me. Apparently, she has more uses for it than just camping. For one, she uses it as a nightlight when we are in bed and she is reading. Actually, that’s a pretty good idea. We have book reading lights that clamp on to our tablets, but that light is weak and the special batteries are a major turnoff. But, Anny came up with more usage ideas.

Hurricane Maria in September of 2017 was rough. No power in the intense heat for ten days and lighting was at a premium. Sure, candles help somewhat, but candles are dangerous and while we can revert back to flashlights, that battery problem isn’t going away. Good luck finding batteries before and after a hurricane. But, that’s a problem we can ignore with our new camping lantern since it runs off a USB port. You can charge your light in your car on the way to work.

Now, I’m self employed, so I wasn’t working much if at all during the immediate aftermath of the hurricane. So, where do I charge my light? I have a solar powered charger with USB connections. Problem solved not only for camping, but also hurricanes. But, Anny came up with even more ideas.

Besides wanting to buy several for her family in hurricane prone Dominican Republic, she’s now using it to walk our dogs. The round shape, just smaller than an apple makes it easy to hold in the palm of your hand. And since we live on a preserve and it’s dark, Anny uses it at night when she takes the dogs to the backyard to do their business.

Anny’s latest idea is to hang a bunch of them with string from the terrace overhang to a tree. Good idea and it will definitely light up our yard. The three power settings comes in handy. If you think about it, it’s affordable and attractive lighting for the family/friend barbeque at night and also to light up your campsite.

Now, if I can only convince Trekology to make solar powered chargers or a solar powered version of their lantern (hint hint).

MC Atty


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That USB connection makes charging a breeze.

Below is the link to Trekology’s website. Happy shopping and camping.

Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern with Built-in Rechargable Battery & USB Charging Cable

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