Got Jitters?

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Got Jitters?


Today I looked at the countdown timer on my cell phone and realized I have 30 days left before I leave for Sturgis. My trip will take me across 13-15 states, approximately 8,000 miles, over 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. I will start on the west coast of Florida and ride through the panhandle, with plans to stay in New Orleans for a full day. If I make good time, I’ll keep riding west into the Colorado Rockies, and from there a short ride into Spearfish, South Dakota. On the way back home, I will travel east through the Badlands, until I arrive to the Smoky Mountains, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and then head home through the east coast of Florida; hopefully with one night in my favorite city, St. Augustine. The reason I titled this post “Got Jitters” is because I’m curious as to what gives you jitters or a healthy adrenaline rush these days?

Motorcycle trips gives me the jitters. When I was younger, it was definitely sports, and as I entered college it was the excitement of an exam and getting good grades. Once I graduated and I started my practice, it was the anticipation and excitement of new clients, hearings, trials, and ultimately money. But, none of those things do it for me anymore. The only “rush” I get and “jitters” is from riding my motorcycle.The night before an out of town trip, I have learned to take melatonin because the excitement will prevent me from getting a good night’s rest. On short range rides like riding south to the Florida Keys, I’m happy washing the bike and getting everything ready. And to be clear, washing a bike is a chore, but I don’t see it that way and most likely neither will you if you ride a motorcycle. Don’t believe me- go wash your car and see how exciting that is. When going for a ride, I envision my route and all the sights and smells I’ll come across. I don’t think about routes or get excited when driving my truck.

Planning for Sturgis has been a monster of a task. So much so, I basically gave up on it. I know where to begin and end, and when I stop, I’ll look up at that time any cool places to visit that are nearby. I tried to plan out every detail but I just found it annoying. I won’t be able to ride “x” amount of miles per day because who can predict the weather including regular maintenance on the bike like oil changes and replacing the tires, so, that will get done when it gets done. At least Anny and I did make the decision that we are going to “rough it out” this time and go camping, since camping is an experience neither one of us is familiar with. I did it once twenty years ago and she has never done it. Not a lot of campers in Miami, but we love the outdoors and the thought of waking up at sunrise next to a river or waking up in the sand on the beach with the waves crashing unto the shore sounds very appealing to us. As a matter of fact, we already planned another camping trip when we return, not to mention, Anny is trying to convince me to get a towable tent to hitch it to the bike.

On this trip, because it is so many days far from home, we will most likely take the truck so we can take our dog, Bella. We really don’t want to be separated from her for 3 weeks! I am however, riding every mile. NO TOWING ON THIS TRIP!As we discussed the trip this morning, we were both excited. We went online researching inflatable mattresses, tents, etc… Before meeting me, Anny never rode a motorcycle. On our first ride, she was squeezing her knees so tight that I told her to relax, she was freaking me out and it was hurting me. But ever since that first ride, she caught the “riding bug” and now is always asking when is the next ride. Add to that the great group of friends we have met because of the passion we share and creating M.S.A.R., and then you will understand our addiction to riding.

When you think of it, as time goes by, we lose interest in most things. I lost interest in sports when I was in law school because I couldn’t make time for it. When we were younger, maybe it was the thought of going “to the new club” that got us excited, but now, we prefer quiet evenings at home with our pets. But, if there is one thing that gets our motor running, it’s riding.
When I went to Sturgis in 2012, it was one of the few things that has ever lived up to the hype. The roads, the scenery, visiting other parts of our great Country was second to none. The fact that I get to share it this time with someone I love and something we love doing together– there is no comparison.
When you look at older bikers, the ones with gray hair and beards, I mean the ones with chrome, talk to them. You can see they still get as excited as they did 40 years earlier when they did their first ride.
What ride gives you jitters?
M.C. Atty

That’s our Bella

cute dogs, miami florida
Bella enjoying a day of lounging in the pool


This was in Blowing Rock, N.C. She loves to travel with us.

blowing rock north carolina, travel blog
Near our rented cabin in Blowing Rock.



This was in Helen, GA

Helen GA, cute dog, travel blog
Helen Georgia

That’s our crazy Cleo, the night before Leesburg Bike Fest.

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smoky mountains, north carolina
Bella flying high!


3 thoughts on “Got Jitters?

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  • June 22, 2015 at 1:00 pm

    Bob, I went in 2012 and will be staying in the same place in Spearfish. I convinced the owner to let me book it 6 months before he even opened up that slot. I’ll be there the week before and leaving a few days into the Rally. It is all Anny and I think about right now, lol. Thanks for the tips. Enjoy.

  • June 21, 2015 at 7:43 pm

    I liked your story about ” Jitters”. I get the same jitters to go to Sturgis and I only live 450 miles away. It is fun to show a passenger all the places to go at the Black Hills of South Dakota. This year is the 75th at Sturgis and they plan on the biggest crowd ever. Look early for the shaded camp spot.Most that stay in morels get reservations for the next year in advance. Take many pictures and I hope Anne is well versed in picture taking. Take along long sleeved Tee shirt to keep from sun burn, but yet mist it with spray bottle to stay cool. Enough of my babble, Have a great trip and be safe.

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