Got Dirty Bike? Original Bike Spirits Has The Cure

original bike spirits
The cans come in two sizes, one smaller can to take with you on trips.


So I had the pleasure of speaking with the good people and now M.S.A.R.’s new sponsor; Original Bike Spirits. A few days later after our initial conversation, when I arrived at the office, the secretary tells me you have a box waiting for you. Us bikers know when we hear that, it is like Christmas in July. I take the box to my office and find inside a dozen cans of Original Bike Spirits.

With the long weekend of July 4th, I stayed home Sunday and decided to give this thing a try. I’ve read some pretty impressive reviews but always the skeptic, I wondered if this product could live up to the hype?  The last time I rode my motorcycle it rained, so the bike definitely needed to be cleaned and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Of course, my bike is my baby, so let’s spray it first somewhere inconspicuous. WTF? Okay, let’s try my dirty windshield. Oh my….  Okay, the pipes. The gas tank! The fenders! My god! I found gold in a bottle! And good ‘ol fashion elbow grease? Original Bike Spirits has no clue what that even means. You won’t need bulging biceps and shoulders as large as bowling balls to clean your bike with their product. Just one quick spray of the area to be cleaned and one swipe with a non-abrasive towel. That’s it!

In the pics below, I purposefully just swiped the area one time and was amazed how all the dirt disappeared and the shine was mirror finish. On chrome, when I had the time and the energy, I used to wax it. Of course, that takes more time but with Original Bike Spirits, spray and swipe and you are done in seconds. My rims are polished aluminum and hard to maintain. I sprayed a section on the front rim, and when I swiped it and looked at the towel, it seemed like I just rubbed my towel with black shoe polish. It lifted all the dirt right off and in the process, my rims were shiny once again.

My only issue with this product is not finding out about it sooner! I will no longer be frustrated when I ride to the next rally or bike week and see clean bikes in the parking lot. I now know their secret. Never again will it look like I rode through the desert for 6,000 miles!

I’m 12 days away from a cross country trip and one of the first things I thought to myself is “well, I guess I will have a dirty bike for 3 weeks.” I will be camping the entire trip and as long as my site has a water hookup, I figured my bike could get washed but let’s be honest, I don’t want to spend too much time cleaning my bike nor making my camping area a mud pit.

No, I don’t like bikini bike washes either. Bikini bike washes are just for show, there really is no intention on giving you a clean bike. Besides, I feel creepy sitting there watching some girl dances erotically while she treats my bike like a stripper pole. I want a clean bike not a strip show! That’s why I have always cleaned my own bike. In my own twisted view of the world, I feel it makes me one with my motorcycle (trust me, bikers know exactly what I am talking about).

I’ve taken many rides out of town over the last 10 years and needless to say, I got used to riding around with a dirty bike on vacation. Hotels sure as hell don’t want you cleaning your bike in their parking lot.

I have about 3,000 miles before I arrive in Spearfish Canyon and where I will be staying for one week during the Sturgis 75th Anniversary Bike Rally. I figured I can clean my bike when I arrive and then again before I leave for the 3,000 mile journey back home, but, thanks to Original Bike Spirits, I won’t have these issues anymore. Hell, I can’t wait to be relaxing with a beer in my hand in the Rocky Mountains because I was done cleaning my bike in ten minutes.

To find out more information on Original Bike Spirits and their additional products, click here.

Have dirty bike will travel.

MC Atty

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motorcycle polish
Original Bike Wash


chrome parts motorcycle

This picture was taken with just one swipe with the non-abrasive towel. Looks like a continuation of the tile floor, not a reflection.

motorcycle cleaning products


Below is one of my books. The cover is while riding the Tail of the Dragon. I took my Original Spirits can with me. It made life easy. Click the cover for more of my books.

riding the tail of the dragon, motorcycle books
#1 ranked on Amazon



motorcycle chrome polish
Time to clean the pipes

One swipe later

motorcycle maintenance
Nice and clean


That’s my rear fender.

honda motorcycle cleaning products
Honda VTX


This is so effortless, it’s scary! More spare time now to do what you love!


motorcycle cleaning polishing products

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